Thursday, July 28, 2005

Let's build a barn! I gots the wood and Billy has the paint!

I don't know if the title communicates, but it's a reference to a classic scene from a Mickey Rooney flick (I don't remember which one) when the community gets inspired to build a barn and suddenly there's no stopping them; the resources they need are all in various people's backyards, and, come hell or high water, there's a BARN gonna be raised!

That's Cianfrani, to a T.

Thanks to Michael for putting on the benefit, for taking on anything he gets his mind set on, and for having one of those things he takes on (OK, many of those things) be about making an actual, appreciable difference in the world.

And kudos to the performers, the location and those who donated. Thanks for being willing, without question or hesitation, to just come play and contribute.

Last night reminded me that, in reality, most things that people want to take on, but don't, because it appears too arduous/difficult/impossible/time consuming, aren't in actuality arduous/difficult/impossible/time consuming at all. We just talk ourselves out of things because, well, that's what we do.

And we do it more than we realize. We constantly talk ourselves out of doing things.

We talk ourselves out of big dreams and little ones, out of taking care of ourselves and being uncomfortable. We convince ourselves it doesn't matter and that, really, it's fine the way it is.

And it is fine the way it is. It really is. It's just useful to remember that what we tell ourselves when we're "talking out of" isn't the truth. WAY more is possible than we can even imagine.

Not that we have to follow every dream, or push ourselves 24/7. I just think it's good to keep in mind that all the crap we feed ourselves, in order to be safe and comfortable, is still crap. Not what decisions should be made on. If I want to do something, I should do it. If not, don't. Wisdom as old as Yoda.

Sorry to rant. It just sort of fell out of my fingers.

I tell you one thing, though.

We built ourselves a barn.


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